State Center, IA Information

Known as the “Rose Capital of Iowa,” State Center is a charming community that recalls the nostalgic memories of times gone by on Main Street by mingling historic preservation with modern business practice to provide a unique and interesting atmosphere and the personalized customer service that is a distinctive signature of small town Iowa.

As the name implies, State Center lies near the geographic center of Iowa. It is located on US Highway 30 and is only a 20 minute drive from Marshalltown, 30 minutes from Ames, and 45 minutes from Des Moines. The original Lincoln Highway, the first transcontinental highway, goes through State Center’s Main Street.

Learn more about State Center by visiting our community’s website (or paste the following into your browser if the link doesn’t work).

2 Responses to State Center, IA Information

  1. Oscar Cliburn says:

    We will be attending the rose festival this year, but I was wondering how many vehicles are in the car show.
    Also how many vendors display at the flea market.


    • RoseFestival says:

      Hello Oscar,
      Last year we had just over 100 cars enter the car show, and we are anticipating at least if not more this year as we continue to grow each year. Vendors at the flea market vary from about 8-12 annually. Thank you for planning to attend our wonderful Rose Festival this year!


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