Our Sponsors

Without the support of our valued sponsors, our annual Rose Festival would not be the successful celebration it has become.  We understand that, especially in smaller communities, there are a lot of local events and organizations who depend on support from businesses and individuals.  We THANK YOU tremendously for the generous contributions that are made and for supporting this tradition.  And, we want to publicly honor those who have contributed so we in turn can help promote you or your business!

Click here for a list of our 2022 Business Sponsorships!

If you are interested in providing sponsorship towards this year’s festival, please click on the Rose Festival Sponsorship Letter for more information about donation levels and benefits.  Should you have any questions, please contact the Rose Festival Chairperson Buffi Honeck at 515-419-1260.

Your donations help make this an annual success for our community to be proud of, and for that you deserve the utmost recognition and our sincere appreciation!

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